Dream neighborhood must-haves worksheets
Planner - Dream Neighborhood Must-Haves

Planner - Dream Neighborhood Must-Haves

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You've already thought about the perfect place. The beaming sun lighting up the path of your morning walk, the trees shaking gently at the brief gusts of wind, it all paints a perfect picture in your head.

But thoughts can be lost. Can be forgotten. And all that's left after is “I wish I could've written that down!”.

This 7-page planner solves the problem. You'll be able to:

  • Write down those fleeting ideas about your dream neighborhood.
  • Have a reason to think about what you truly want.
  • Keep an ever-growing record that your family can contribute towards.

Bring the perfect image from your thoughts, into reality, and never miss a detail ever again.


This binder was designed to be printed out and filled in with pen. Upon purchase, you'll be given a downloadable PDF file. We cannot act as customer support to guide you through this process. Follow this link for guidance.