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Audiobook - The Moving Maze

Audiobook - The Moving Maze

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The moving process can be difficult for our little ones, and we tend to think that they'll be ok whilst we pack our boxes, fill the moving van, and empty their bedrooms of their most treasured and loved possessions. 

But whilst they may appear ok, moving home can be quite a traumatic experience for children. They may be dealing with difficult emotions that they can't voice or understand. 

If they're young, your current house might be all they've known. Their safe space. A place where there's security in knowing that no matter what happens outside the front door, everything will be as they left it when they come back. 

This audiobook is a 21-minute journey that teaches your children that what they feel is normal. The excitement of a new environment, as well as the butterfly's in their stomach fluttering around out of fear of the unknown. 

If you'd like to prepare your children for the moving process, or would like to help them right now if the move is around the corner, this audiobook will put everything in place for them.

Give them the knowledge and understanding needed to make this new and exciting point of their life a lot more manageable, and less stressful, for your tiny little loved ones. 

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