Planner - First Day at the New House
Planner - First Day at the New House

Planner - First Day at the New House

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You've finally moved in. All that effort and planning has resulted in this moment. There's boxes piled up, ready to be unloaded, and you've got a family that's ready to settle down into their new home.

But you think in the back your mind. “Maybe we should've planned this first day a little bit better…”

This 7-page planner solves that problem. You'll be able to:

  • Plan out utilities and select the right companies in advance.
  • Have a 1st day checklist for groceries and where the best place to go is.
  • A checklist specifically for notifying who you need to update on your new address.

Turn a stressful week into a carefully planned day, so you can open those boxes and settle in as soon as possible.


This binder was designed to be printed out and filled in with pen. Upon purchase, you'll be given a downloadable PDF file. We cannot act as customer support to guide you through this process. Follow this link for guidance.